A Palladium Fantasy, Play by Post World.

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Where is my Mind

I’m using this Obsidian Portal space to organize my thoughts and ideas about a world. Based mainly on the Palladium Fantasy game my Palladium Books. There will also be home-brew and other elements added to create a rich and dynamic canvas for a fan and enjoyable long term evolution. I’d like to ultimately use this as a spring-board for many encounters, adventures and campaigns over time. The meat of the Universe is contained in these pages.

The Beginning of the opening campaign will take place in south east Timiro, the southern Eastern Territories, the Floenry Island chain, and The Land of the South Winds. If the game makes it past the first major plot arc then there will be travel to the rest of Timiro, and Eastern Territories as well as The Old Kingdom, Phi Lopan and the southern part of the Northern Wilds. I have many source books and Rifters, and am actively acquiring more as time goes on, so there is an opportunity for this to cover the majority of the Palladium world and beyond. It’s just going to depend on when I get this up and running, finding players willing to make the time commitment for this to work, and the staying power of myself to keep this rolling and develop into an Epic campaign.

The Platoon: Human, Gnome, Elf, Dwarf: Beginning adventures to include the Tegyn Peninsula, the eastern Timiro Kingdom, and Floenry Island Chain.

The Posse: Kobold, Orc, Ogre, Goblin, Hob-Goblin, (Troll?): Starting in eastern Timiro Kingdom, and western Tegyn Peninsula, including the White Rock Mountains. A group of ‘Monster Race’ characters will escape the bounds of their slaving ‘fairer race’ captors, band together and set out to try and live life on their own terms.

The Pack: Wolven, Coyles, Kankoran, (Bearmen?): The Northern Wilderness and Disputed Eastern Territories. The Disputed Lands are ripe for the taking of either canine or human. What do the ruins and caverns of the mountain chains hold to those willing to brave their gates? Can ancient Dwarven and Elven technology be the key to sway the tide? Will ancient magics and races long thought dead show themselves? Only time will tell.

See character creation and take a look at the wiki for more details…

Where Is My Mind