((this section is a work in progress))

In order to promote the use of shields, the following bonuses will confer the user of such items:

Use of cover rules in the RUE, to be slightly modified by me.

Small shield +1 AR
Large shield +2 AR

Does not suffer the -10 to parry arrows (for large shields), may reactively attempt to parry missile attacks at the cost of an action for all shields.

Small shield no additional bonuses
Medium shield +1 to parry, in addition to W.P. Shield bonuses
Large shield +3 to parry, in addition to W.P. Shield bonuses

A shield is required to parry 2H weapons, chain style weapons and any large weapons, (Troll, Giant, etc.) and some other possible exotic weapons I can’t think of right now.

If you have the W.P. Shield skill, you may also use the shield as a paired weapon to attack with, without the need to have W.P. paired weapon, but this only works with shields.

Shields only take 10% of any damage while blocking or parrying attacks, per the book.

If there is any instance where a parry would require an action, using the shield to parry makes it so that action is not required, and the character can follow up and use any melee actions that would have been used by blocking/parrying.


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