character creation

The whole process is going to be a back-and-forth between the player and the GM. We’re going to create a story for each character. It’s going to be like a counseling session, filled with, what are your hopes and dreams, what do you want to accomplish in life, etc… Then as things move along, the GM with insert player specific and group specific story into the game. You wont get everything, and you might get the exact opposite of what you want sometimes, but that’s fun right? The creation process is going to be a collaborative effort.

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No Changelings.

Allowed races for group 1 (PC1):

Allowed races for group 2 (PC2):

Allowed races for group 3 (PC3):

attribute scores:
I’m going to make it so every character has 1 stat that sits +16. That will most likely be it. I like the idea that a character has a strength in 1 stat that is exceptional. It doesn’t HAVE to be that way, but each character will have a strength that they bring to the table, it could be psionics and not a stat, (not going to roll for Psi) or a background connection.

roll 1 extra d6 for each attribute, re roll 1’s. After this send me the OCC, raw rolls, and desired assigned attributes. If you have any 16 to 18’s i’ll determine if you get another roll. 1 and only 1 extra d6 roll on 16 through 18’s, but have to look at the attributes in total to see. We’ll have to look at desired skill choices that improve PS, PP and PE stats, you’re not going to be able to take running, boxing, wrestling all together, just to keep things balanced. I might just give an extra d6 roll on a specific stat, if things are weak, just because I said so, or drop a stat by a die roll if rolls got out of hand. And to pull it all together I don’t see any issue with manually manipulating things a little bit to massage the character to reflect what it is we’re trying to create, i.e. I might say you can take 2 pts away from one stat and add it to another. Like it said, it’s going to be a collaborative effort, where the character is created over a back and forth between the player and myself.

Skills will work similarly, but for the most part that’s all on you to round out your skill choices.

Once that is all sorted then starts the character development. I want to develop a back ground before we start and then flush it out over the first few weeks or so, but to also amend it as time goes on. I want to create a few family members and friends of influence and put them on your background section.

My plan is to start each character by him or herself and start a personal story thread that gets everyone together. I’m not just going to dump everyone together. If people drop out or join, I’m going to do the same thing.

character creation

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